Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Davenport Lyons' Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal: A Second Post

I'm adding a few details to supplement the one I made a couple of days ago about the Davenport Lyons solicitors Gore and Miller appearing before the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal this week (and next week). There's also a directions hearing regarding Andrew Crossley of ACS:Law this Friday.

I know that some journalists and other interested parties are considering attending, particularly at the tail end of this week. The court rooms of the SDT themselves appear to be rather inconspicuous so I thought as part one of this short post I'd provide a link to a Googlemaps shot honed in on the building in question.

The address for the court rooms is given on the SDT site as:

3rd Floor, Gate House
1 Farringdon Street
London EC4M 7LG

In the view below, Gate House is apparently the entrance with the triangular architectural details on each side of the entrance, bang in the centre of the shot. Given the anonymity of the building (check for yourself; zoom in - there're a couple of number ones and nothing else I can see!) I've cross-checked the address with the neighbouring bike shop and tanning salon and it does check out as the correct venue.

Those that have attended these kind of things before might want to note that the location is essentially just a little further along the Strand / Fleet Street than the Royal Courts of Justice and the Patents County Court.

If you're walking up from the west end of the Strand / Fleet Street, walk past the Royal Courts of Justice and keep going; once you reach Fetter Lane (home of the Patents County Court) you're half way between the RCoJ and the SDT court at Gate House.

Essentially, keep walking up the Strand and you can't miss it. It's right on the junction of Farringdon Street and Fleet Street.

There's a short direct URL link to the map / photo just underneath the embedded one; in case you want to pass it on / tweet it etc.

View Larger Map

Part two of this rather dry (sorry) post is about tweeting / twitter as a matter of fact.

It's not certain that court room tweeting will be possible, but journalists in attendance at such events have been known to tweet even if only sometimes during breaks in proceedings.

ACS:Law had an easy enough hash tag to track - #acslaw, but it's tricker for Davenport Lyons, 'dl' is too short, 'sdt' is already in regular use and 'davenportlyonssolicitorsdisciplinarytribunal' doesn't leave you many characters for the tweet itself!

I therefore propose: #dlsdt for the sake of uniformity and brevity. Sound reasonable?

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